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Coffee Mix (3)

Coffee Mix (3)


  • Marvel on the exquisite flavors of the Honduran coffee sampler that gives our coffee lovers a taste into three different coffee processes: Honey, Washed, and Natural. Each coffee box includes three 12 ounce bags of freshly-roasted whole coffee beans.
  • Single origin Parainema specialty coffee beans that are hand-picked and carefully selected by the growers in San Pedro, Copan, Honduras. Altitude is about 1600 to 1800 meters above sea level.
  • We buy directly from the growers under the Fair Trade policies which guarantees welfare for their families and community.
  • Our coffee is processed and roasted in Honduras which gives additional benefit to the Honduran economy. Therefore, by purchasing this product you are helping an underdeveloped region to retain better margins in the chain.
  • We are a small family business who deeply believe in the quality of our beans and are committed to bringing our customers a small piece of Honduras and the best coffee experience!
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