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Cup of Excellence is an international competition done in all the countries that produce coffee. Each month countries compete amongst themselves with selective specialty coffee and ends up in an international auction to purchase the winning coffees. The goal of Cup of Excellence is to discover quality coffees and reward the farmers for their hard-work. 

Cutucaí - Pulped Natural 
Sitio São João, João Batista

brazil coffee 3_edited.jpg
brazil coffee 4.jpeg
  • Location: the Serra do Brigadeiro mountain range in Araponga, MG. (1,100 meters above sea-level)

  • Rank: 25  (in Brazil)

  • Aroma/Flavor: ​Orange, Blackberry, Red Currant, Black Cherry, Bourgemot, Cane sugar, Cocoa, Dark Chocolate, Grape, Hint of black tea, Jammy, Nutmeg,

  • Acidity: Malic Acid, Bright, Citric Acid, Sparkling

  • More information here.

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